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Dear Doctor Essay

  • Submitted by: samtodd
  • on October 26, 2010
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Dear Dr. Stalions
The letter I am writing is going to cover eight different subjects and four different sections.   The letter will consist of my “In-Class Definition Essay #1, K.C. Cole’s “Entropy”, my In-Class Division-Classification Essay #1, David Brooks’ “PSST! ‘Human Capital”, my In-Class Division-Classification Essay #2, William Lutz’s “Doublespeak”, my In-Class Process Analysis Essay #1, Clifford Stoll’s “Cyberschool”, my “In-Class Process Analysis Essay”, David Shipley’s “Talk About Editing”, my Multiple Draft Essay on “Baseball”, my Multiple Draft Essay on “Hitting a Baseball”, and finally a Multiple Draft Essay on “Happiness”.   This letter will discuss Rhetorical Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing, Processes, and Knowledge of Conventions and Style.
Rhetorical Knowledge
Glenn and Grey in the Hodges   Harbrace Handbook explain whether the pronoun in the sentence refers to “first person”, “second person”, or “third person” point of view (Glenn and Grey 87).   The Hodges Harbrace Handbook also states that point of view is the vantage point from which a topic is viewed; also, the stance a writer takes (Glenn and Grey 767).   In my essay about the article Doublespeak I used the third person point of view in this sentence about politician, “I believe a politician can use inflated language inflated language is ‘language that is designed to make the ordinary seem extraordinary”(Doublespeak 1) I also used third person in another essay titled “Force or Fiction” it is about Entropy, “I believe it is called the arrow of time because of the aging and decaying effect it has on many items”(Entropy 1).   Writing in the third person can be somewhat tricky at times because the word “you” cannot be written.   The word “you” is considered to be writing in the second person point of view.
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing  
Essay development is developing the information that will constitute the paragraphs of your essay to compose a draft (Glenn and Gray...

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