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Death Penalty Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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In America, criminals who have committed a capital crime are sentenced to death. However, they are not executed right away. They await their death for approximately ten to twenty years in a section of prison called death row (“Time on Death Row”). The current method of execution is lethal injection, in which the inmate is put to sleep and given an overdose of drugs (Gottfried 11).The death penalty was invented in the eighteenth century BC and has been the most severe form of punishment ever since. The death penalty has existed in America from colonial days up until 1972 when it was suspended for a few years, shortly before it was reinstated in 1976 (“History of the Death Penalty”). Although the majority of countries have outlawed the death penalty, the United States continues to practice it, despite it’s immorality, it’s risk of biased or false accusations, and the many possible alternate forms of punishment. The death penalty is unnecessary and wrong, and America needs to realize this and abolish it.
When discussing the issues of the death penalty, the first topic that comes to mind is morality. The message the government is sending through the death penalty is wrong. It’s basically all about revenge. It’s promoting an “eye for an eye” mentality and it’s justifying murder (Messerli). One of Joe Messerli’s arguments regarding the death penalty is, “Why kill people who kill people to show killing is wrong?” If murder is so wrong, what gives the government the right to kill people? Another reason that capital punishment is so immoral is that the convicts spend an average of ten to twenty years on death row. By the time they go to get executed they are an entirely different person than when they committed their crime. They’ve had time to think about their actions and reflect on their lives (”End the Death Penalty Now!”). The next argument is that the death penalty violates the eighth amendment which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Death is indeed a very...

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