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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: atb10d
  • on November 10, 2010
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Sometimes in life you reach a crossroad where you have to make tough decisions such as: choosing the life of an innocent person over the life of a criminal. God made everyone alike in his own image and likeness, but god also gave all of us freewill. Free will is: the freedom to create; the option to choose the right-or the left-handed path, Life or Death, and the positive or the negative spirals of life. Should the defendant live or die? This is the question involved in making one of the most controversial decisions in our justice system, to sentence someone to their death. The death penalty, established in 1976, has been given as a sentence and executed to 1163 people across the country. Since 1976, people have been executed by the following: 992 lethal injections, 155 electrocutions, 11 gas chambers, 3 hanging, and 2 firing squads. In 2008 alone, thirty-seven people (all of whom were men) in nine states were executed. Of the nine states, Texas led the country in death sentence in 2008, and is known for their profound use of the death penalty, with an outstanding number of 437 people executed since 1976, and 19 already executed in 2009. Out of the percentage of people executed, 56% were white, 35% were of African American, 7% Hispanic, and 2% other. An interesting discovery was that 80% of the murder victims in a case resulting in a death penalty sentence were white, even though nationally only 50% of victims are white.(15% African American victims, 5% Hispanic victims, and 2% other victims). Studies of racial issues in the death penalty show that 96% of the states where there were reviews show a pattern of race-of-victim or race-of-defendant discrimination, and that 98% of chief district attorneys in the death penalty states are white and 1% black. As of December 31, 2007, 51 women were on death row making up 1.5% of the death row population. Since 1976, 11 women have been executed via death penalty. The south leads the country regionally with 963 executions...

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