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Decision Making Process Essay

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Decision Making Process
Not long ago I found myself in a situation where I had to choose if it was a good time to start school.   I had to evaluate my situation and decide what the best decision for my family and I was.   With the next semester scheduled to begin in July; I had only three short weeks to make my decision.  
Initially my choice was between starting school or not.   To begin the process I had decide if I had time, energy and money to return to school.   Evaluating my time was a concern due to my son starting school August 9.   I have premature twins who have several appointments monthly with specialists and I am responsible for their daily care.   Arranging childcare while I am at school would also be a concern.   Considering my responsibilities for my children, my husband, and my household I had to be sure, I would have the energy to focus on my schoolwork.   Finally, I had to consider my financial obligations and the additional burden created by paying for school.   I considered my obligations and the possibility of waiting to go back to school.   I found resources to alleviate some of the difficulties created by attending school and decided that I could handle the additional responsibilities.   I created a schedule with my husband to share more of the responsibilities with our children.   I arranged childcare while I am at school and to allow myself time to complete homework.   Lastly, I arranged to start my VA benefits to pay for the costs of school.
After reading the text, I found many similarities and differences between the process I followed and the process suggested in the text. According to Bateman (2011), follow the process identify and diagnose the problem, generate alternative solutions, evaluate alternatives, make the choice, implement the decision, and evaluate the decision   (Chapter 3).   In my own process, I identified the problem, generated alternative solution, made the choice, and implemented the decisions.   I didn’t’ evaluate the...

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