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Defenition Essay

  • Submitted by: HakeemDurant
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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People have different meanings to define college. Many say that it is just a place of education, but in my eyes it is a new beginning.   A fresh start from the world that I lived in prior to college. College is not just a place of higher learning, but a home away from home. With a whole new education way of learning, the college lifestyle is different from the regular lifestyle.
Life on campus is the change you make when you come to college. You are living in a apartment style dorm room, similar to real life. They say you are grown, but they still give   you rules. Eat out of a cafeteria that has the same nasty food every day. The college has no public workout room. Only athletes are allowed in the weight room in the gym. The Struggle is real when you are stuck away from home, with no money, no means of eating, and no way of paying for entertainment. College has some bad features and good features but most of all, it is a harder work, but even more harder to prioritize your time. Staff and Administration dipping there hand into funds that aren’t of their personal account, so the college that you are at has budget cuts because they are in 6.1 million dollar debt. With the college in debt that means they fine for every little thing that’s done wrong. With there being no entertainment on campus and nothing really to do, everything leads to visitation and sex.
A person has a lot of freedom in college. With having freedom, the sex rate goes up. As the sex rate goes up, the possibility rate goes up as well.   Possibility meaning that there is a greater chance of a female getting pregnant or a male or female catching an STD. There are no study relationships in college. When most people think of college, they think of a relationship but it’s not like that at most HBCU’s. All females and males think about is sex all day. With no entertainment on campus, visitation is all that’s to look forward too.
Drinking and partying is to be expected in college but the...

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