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Deferred Dreams Can Come True Essay

  • Submitted by: jordannshackett
  • on November 25, 2012
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Deferred Dream’s can Always Come True
“A Dream Deferred” is a very big part of the many different aspects in the story. The poem by Langston Hughes is very important in many aspects of the play. For example, it makes readers focus on the dreams in the play because the poem only poses negative factors about dreams. Another key reason why “A Dream Deferred” is very important is because it is symbolic to Mama’s dream and also other little dreams that have been deferred for many different reasons. Furthermore, from the poem, we were asked what happens to dream’s deferred and by the end of the play we were able to answer that. Although the poem poses many negative factors about dreams being deferred, A Raisin in the Sun opposes that and shows us that with hard work and courage deferred dreams can still come true.
The Poem “A Dream Deferred” is important in many different aspects of the play. While reading the poem most readers learn this is what the author based her story on, Dreams. First off, the poem is important because the first sentence asks “What happens to a dream deferred?” which is the main question in the entire story that Hansberry is trying to answer by the end of her story. The poem asks the readers what they think will happen to the dreams but makes readers assume deferred dreams can never come true. This is because the poem only gives negative answers or outcomes of the question asked and says things such as do they “fester like a sore” or “Stink like rotten meat” as answers. Another reason why the poem is very important in A Raisin in the Sun is that it is how Lorraine Hansberry got the title. In the poem after is asks what happens to a dream deferred, the next sentence “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun.” I think this is where she got her title and the significance of the title is that it is symbolic to the Dreams in the play. It is symbolic because there is not one raisin in the play so it is not literal so having it is symbolic to the...

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