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Delaying the Entrance to Kindergarten Essay

  • Submitted by: dmccutc2
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Delaying the Entrance of Kindergarten
The average ages of children entering kindergarten is now about five years old, but are they really ready for the rigorous kindergarten curriculum that is now taught in schools?   Kindergarten initially started in Germany by Freidrich Froebel.   He believed that education should foster the natural development of children.   Play was seen as an important means of enhancing self-development (de Cos 1).   Kindergarten was originally a place for children to play and practice manipulative activities rather than a place for formal structured lessons and recitations. Classes focused on music, art, and nature study as opposed to teaching the “Three R’s” (de Cos 2). Throughout the years kindergarten has seen many philosophical changes in what is taught.   By the 1960’s, kindergarten education has become more focused on the development of academic skills with these skills being introduced earlier than ever before (de Cos 3). Children are introduced to complex math concepts, such as measuring, counting money, organizing statistics, counting by fives, and tens, along with fractions.   They are not expected to master the concepts but they are doing worksheets related to these concepts.   Some of them are just too complex for some children to understand leading to frustration and possible boredom because they can’t pay attention to something that they can’t understand.   Why can’t curriculum just focus on the basic concepts and allow complete mastery of those?   Reading and writing are also more complex.   They are expected to write full and properly punctuated sentences.   They keep journals. There are so many new concepts introduced they can’t concentrate on the fundamentals and basic elements of kindergarten. Kindergarten is just the beginning of a long academic road. If we continue to try and introduce everything at once, the entrance
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age of kindergarten should be increased to allow better understanding of the complex...

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