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Demographic Transition Essay

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Demographic Transition
Environmental Science: SCIE210 - 1304A – 06
AIU Online
Canesha Abdulahi
Instructor: Gregory Becoat

Demographic Transition
Demographic transition is when the human population transitions from high birthrates and death rates to low birthrates and death rates (Wright & Boorse, 2010). This allowed a country the chance to invest more into poverty elimination and economic growth. This transition normally happened in four phases. At the first phase birth and death rate are both high, and as result the population grows at a slow and steady pace (umich.edu, 2000). Next while birthrates stay high the death rates start to fall. This results in the population growing faster. At the third stage birth rates start to fall and lastly the birth rates balances out the death rate, In the final stage the populations growth is stable (umich.edu, 2000).
Fertility and Epidemiologic Transitional Factors
The decrease in births and deaths can be associated with many factors. These factors include biological factors such as microorganisms that undergo changes enabling then to find weaknesses in its host and environmental factors, such as an exposure to environmental pollutants (Wahdan, 1996). Along with these factors there are also social, cultural, and behavioral factors that can cause a decline in the mortality and fertility rates.
Developing Countries in Phase IV
Developed countries are not subtracted from environmental impacts. With such high levels of technology in countries that are industrialized and the prosperous lifestyle that follows it, a population that is somewhat small is able have an impact on the environmental that is significantly large (Webnode.com, 2010). Even though the population may be small, countries that are developed have a problem that is equally discouraging. This problem has to do with consumption, prosperity, burgeoning wastes, and damaging technologies.

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