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Dendritic Cells Essay

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Dendritic cells perform their daily tasks by acting as an antigen presenting cell to efficiently introduce the antigen to other immune cells located in the body. The Dendritic cell activates when it detects a harmful foreign substance in the body such as a bacteria, parasite, or viruses. Once the dendrite cell detects the foreign substance it, it captures it and presents the antigen to the other immune cells located in the body. The interactions of dendritic cells differ depending on the locations in the body. Some of the most common origins where dendritic cells are present are: the skin, lymph nodes, and the spleen.
            Dendritic cells are located in the skin and mucus passages, because a virus or foreign substance is most likely transmitted through these openings. The dendritic cells located on the skin are also known as the “immature" stage, because of their low population of molecules (CD80, CD86,CD83).The dendritic cells   in the immature stage basically just lay around until the immune system is invaded. Once a virus or bacteria enter the dendritic cells immediately activate, but it is not mature enough to be able to respond.   The skin also does not require a mature enough phenotype. The dc cells that lack maturation to respond to the viral substance, penetrates into the openings of the body. The skin dc cells are too immature to stimulate the t-cells, so in response it carries the antigen to mature part of the body known as the lymph nodes.
            Once the cell reaches the lymph nodes, it no longer needs to present antigens to the rest of the immune system. The dendritic cells from the skin present a part of the antigen to the lymph node dendritic cells. Once this occurs, the lymph nodes detect which molecules to release in order to fight off the bacteria. This stage is also known as the mature stage because it contains the molecules needed to stimulate the t- cell and the b-cell. Once the t-cell and b-cell are activated it turns on th1 and...

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