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Describe Essay

  • Submitted by: Sarfraz1
  • on November 17, 2013
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Sinister Street at Night
She was alone, abandoned and afraid while sitting on a bitter wooden bench considering whether to walk through the sinister street with her life at jeopardy.
Here in this street there is nothing, nothing apart from the faint and distance sounds of a night club on the other side of the dimly-lit, narrow, lifeless street. The street was soundless. All there ever was were doorways just like a row of soldiers standing side by side, rigid just as they were standing to attention, waiting for the command to “open”. In addition, they are also locked and barred just like the houses that were boarded up shut tight, tight as a clam, upon the never ending street; torn apart and abandoned. It seems like the houses had multiple break in attempts by the way they were looked, scratched up and worn out. The buildings were like towers, blocking every line of sight and make the street feel like a prison with no way out. The only object that stands guard is the poles carrying electricity, like the skeletons of trees. Looking upwards, the clouds were closing up the moon, altering the street to a minacious, menacing and minatory street.
She was petrified and was feeling anxious about walking through the sinister street all alone. It was her only way to get home immediately and to be with her family but also puts her life at risk. Walking further and further got her thinking is this a right choice...
Startled. Strolling alongside, she could see the pitch-black sky and can hear the clattering rain hitting against the metal shutters, caked with graffiti, creating a TING echo. Every time this occurred, her body would get Goosebumps.
The wind gently begins to blow the sickly smell of rotted garbage from the pitch black alley that even junkies are even afraid to go into and that was the only thing you could taste, lifeless air. The trumpet-like thunder roared giving me more and more chills. The occasional shadow would leak across the roadway like...

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