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Describe The Major Native American Cultures In Nor Essay

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  • on November 15, 2010
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In central America, the Mayas established their own written language, their own numerical system, an accurate calendar to count the day and agriculture system. There culture is very sophisticated.   For other tribes, Aztecs, also established their administrative, educational and medical system to manage their society. However, they believed to serve their religion by sacrificing human beings.   Other powerful tribe, Incas, was led by a powerful empire which created their power through a large network of paved road. They already established a unite government and a complicated political system to enrich the government’s power.   Likes other tribes, their major societies were agricultural but they also have well-built cities which have their own religious and infrastructure for ceremonies.  
In north America, some societies were based on agricultural but they move often to find food nature. In the northern regions, Eskimos or Inuits hunted and fished for their living. For examples, the tribes of the Pacific Northwest were salmon fishing and settled near the coastline. Other tribes settled in the arid regions of the Far West to fish, hunt and gather different plant for living. They also established a large irrigation system and built their towns with adobe, a clay material to make bricks. In the Great Plains regions, they grew corn and other grains which stayed in the area permanently. Inhibition in the woodland Indians also plant, fish, hunt, gather for living. Tribes in near the Mississippi River valley engaged some tribes who trade corn and other grains. They spoke in the common language or similar dialects. They are includes Algonquian tribes Iroquois Confederacy and Mukogean tribes. Native American religions were tied closely to the natural world. They worshipped many god, many of whom they associated with nature. The role of women varies from the nature of the tribes. Some tribes let the women involved both the social and economic organization of the settlement....

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