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Descriptive Essay

  • Submitted by: mariessa
  • on November 11, 2010
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The Panjim, India airport, is the same every time we arrive. Crowded with heaps of international, multi - cultural people who are rushing, pushing, and racing to their boarding gates. The heat is unforgiving. There is no air conditioning and poor air circulation. The airport has only holes in the thick cement walls as opposed to windows, and there is always an overwhelming aroma of perspiration. A combination of all these things makes for a dizzy sort feeling in my head that leads down my throat into my stomach causing nausea to take over. Although I am only five, I am okay. I remember the sound of the soft ocean waves. I recall the smell of the saltwater sticking to my body, and can almost taste the sweet coconut milk, freshly picked just for me. I am almost home.
The dirt road is dusty and full of rocks and pebbles that I can hear hitting the bottom of the taxi, resembling the sounds of a hail storm like we would have back in Canada.   The tires on the dry dirt road cause huge amounts of dust to be thrown up into the air causing clouds of thick brown to trail behind us as we race home.
I know we are here because I recognize the tall palm trees that line our road leading home. They are great in size, forming a cool, shaded tunnel as their tops are leaning inward to meet each other, creating possibly the first break of pure blazing sun from Panjim to Goa. The taxi,   much like all the others offers us great comfort. Soft leather seats, so deep and long my two legs always point straight forwards towards the back of the passenger seat; which usually is loaded full of local and tourist magazines my mother always buries her nose in for the long hot ride. Although these marvellous huge sofa type seats offer such great comfort...for such a small girl, they are sticky! My bare thighs, legs, and arms are stuck to this ebony black leather like glue, although it’s my sweat that is keeping us together instead. Despite the sticky hot journey from airport to home, and despite...

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