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Design Case Essay

  • Submitted by: Xiimo1
  • on November 19, 2013
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1 . To Attract Attention

This is a packet of Lay’s Potato chips.
There is always a picture of potato chips on their packaging that way, buyers who consume them would know that these are potato chips.
Their packaging design always has a vibrant and bold color which makes it easier for people to spot. Alongside, Their Flavours are always well stated out in bold words big enough for buyers to see along with the picture of the flavor. This makes it very eye catching with their simple design and very striking color.

2. To Hold Attention
The Kit kat Chocolate waffle by Nestle is a waffle that has been taking a liking and has been consumed by numerous people since their childhood days. Their overall package is really simple but what holds their attention about this product is because of their packaging and Color.
Their packaging only consists of 2 main Colors that are White and Red. Their Brand of their chocolate is also labeled big enough to hold people’s attention.
Alongside, there is also a chocolate waffle stick displayed on their packaging to show that is a chocolate.

3. To Convey information
It is very clear VeGood’s product packaging has a clear view of conveying information showing that this is a beverage of vegetables and Fruit juice. Their colors together also matches the idea of fruit and vegetables together. Consumers and buyers would then know that this is a beverage of fruit juice and vegetables consisting of many vitamins and showing that’s it’s a healthy beverage.

4. To make Information memorable
The above shows Three Color of markers.
Not just Markers but White board markers that were clearly stated on their product.
Alongside, their packaging would have their color on their caps to make sure buyers would know that this is either a blue, black or red marker.
This way it makes information memorable for buyers who use them.
lastly it’s easy to Spot which color we need and It is easy to remember.

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