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Design of Mechatronics Essay

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Design of Mechatronic Systems

Group Project
Magnetic Levitator

Group members : Gary Ong Teng Giap
Tan Chun Yang
Raymond Ng Soon Hock
Yew Lih Heng
Date Of submission : 3 Sept 2012

Magnetic levitation is a transportation technology. It is used for maglev trains and other magnetic systems. This technology results in non-contacting vehicles travel safely at speed higher than 250 miles-per-hour. Magnetic levitation is also a method of using magnetic fields to levitate or suspend ametallic object without any other support. By manipulating the magnetic fields, magnetic forces can be controlled and levitate a metallic object. The electromagnetic force or magnetic pressure is used to counteract the effects of gravitation and other accelerations. Magnetic pressure is an energy density associated with the magnetic field. It is similar to the physical pressure except it is carried by the magnetic field rather than kinetic energy of the gas molecules. According to Earnshaw’s theorem, perversity of inanimate magnetic objects will always prevent one permanent magnet suspend above or below another. However, this problem can be solved by rapidly adjusting the magnets strength by using an active control circuit.
The general principle of this project is simple and straight forward, it is using an electromagnet to pull a metallic object upward and a light beam is used to measure the exact position of the metallic object. Electromagnetic force or magnetic pressure is adjusted according to the position. If the light detected is less, the circuit will reduces the electromagnet’s current and cause the lifting effect weaker and the metallic object will move downward until the light beam is less blocked and at the centered on detector. If the metallic object is removed, the coil will run at full power. Vice versa, if the light beam is fully blocked, the coil will turn completely off.
This report is generally divided into three sections. The...

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