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Design to Implementation Essay

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Transition from Design to Implementation
BSA 375
June 9, 2013

Week Four - Transition from Design to Implementation
Riordan Manufacturing, though financially and productively stable, has a slight problem within its computer system.   The current problem lies with the HR system; it is outdated by today’s IT standards.   Riordan is using a system that currently is 10 plus years out of date. (Gallup & Media, n.d.)   It is time for the design phase to shift to implementation so HR can catch up with manufacturing.   The manufacturing side of Riordan has had great success with the upgrades to that system and production, shipping and inventory control have never been more efficient.  
There will be six major steps that need to be addressed for this implementation to be successful.   The six steps are as follows:
  * Coding
  * Testing
  * Installation
  * Documentation
  * Training
  * Support

The purpose of these steps is to convert the final physical system specifications into working and reliable software and hardware, document the work that has been done, and provide help for current and future users and caretakers of the system. Usage of the system leads to changes, so during maintenance, users and others submit maintenance requests; requests are transformed into specific changes to the system; the system is redesigned to accept the changes; and the changes are implemented. (Valacich, George, & Hoffer, 2012)  
Failure to follow each step may lead to a slow down with the software implementation causing a backlog for the HR department and Riordan as a whole.  
Before any implementation can begin the team needs to understand what the company needs.   A walk through of each stage of the system is the first part of the coding step.   During this evaluation of the current system all negative points and potential improvements should be noted.   Code the new system using the information gained from the evaluation to construct and implement a...

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