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Designer Babies Essay

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Jack Baratka
October 18th, 2013
English 101
Julie Veile
Audience: less informed about topic. Forum: Time Magazine
A brighter future
Advancing the human genome as a species was once a sci-fi fantasy. Today, the idea of genetically modified people is reality. Although Genetic Modification is an extremely controversial topic, it has the potential to benefit our species in ways once unimaginable. Throughout this paper, I hope to inform you of the infinite amount of positive and beneficial possibilities that can come from this field of study. With the guidance of knowing the science behind genetic modification, understanding the potential behind the human genome, and maybe some already promoted actions in this field; you will have shed some light on engineering people a certain way.
Before anyone can fight the idea of GM (Genetically Modified) babies; one must be informed fully on the topic. Just because the idea of “engineering” babies might not sound like what a good and sane person might want, does not mean it is a bad thing for us as a species. The human genome is a fragile and naturally beautiful work of art. The codes within our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) that make up the human genome to blueprint every single aspect and characteristic within our bodies is extremely versatile in the way it makes up our physical self. Eye color, size, skin color, health, gender, and approximately another 30 to 40 thousand genes are encoded within our DNA. This insanely complex but beautiful puzzle is created in nature, but in reality, nature doesn’t always create people fairly. For example, any hereditary disease a person gets, physical disabilities they have, or intellectual barriers. Genetic diseases such as Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Huntington ’s disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and many others. It also eliminates risk of inherited medical conditions such as obesity, anemia, diabetes, cancer, and many more. These are all held within the make-up of the human...

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