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Designing a Computer System Security Policy Essay

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Designing a Computer system security policy
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Developing security strategies that can protect all parts of a complicated network while having a limited effect on ease of use and performance is one of the most important and difficult tasks related to network design. Security design is challenged by the complexity and porous nature of modern networks that include public servers for electronic commerce, extranet connections for business partners, and remote-access services for users reaching the network from home, customer sites, hotel rooms, Internet cafes, and so on. To help you handle the difficulties inherent in designing network security for complex networks, this chapter teaches a systematic, top-down approach that focuses on planning and policy development before the selection of security products.
The goal of this chapter is to help you work with your network design customers in the development of effective security strategies, and to help you select the right techniques to implement the strategies. The chapter describes the steps for developing a security strategy and covers some basic security principles. The chapter presents a modular approach to security design that will let you apply layered solutions that protect a network in many ways. The final sections describe methods for securing the components of a typical enterprise network that are most at risk, including Internet connections, remote-access networks, network and user services, and wireless networks.
Security should be considered during many steps of the top-down network design process. This isn't the only chapter that covers security. Chapter 2, "Analyzing Technical Goals and Tradeoffs," discussed identifying network assets, analyzing security risks, and developing security requirements. Chapter 5, "Designing a Network Topology," covered secure network topologies. This chapter...

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