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Designing High Performance Job Essay

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Improving the performance of key people is often as simple-and as profound-as changing the resources they control and the results for which they are accountable. by Robert Simons

have a compelling: product, an exciting vision, and a clear ;gy for your new business. You've hired good people and foiPd relationships with critical suppliers and distributors. You've launched a marketing campaign targeting high-value customers. All that remains is to build an organization that can deliver on the promise. But implementation goes badiy. Managers in the regional offices don't show enough entrepreneurial spirit. They are too complacent and far too slow in responding to customers. Moreover, it's proving very difficult to coordinate activities across units to serve large, multisite customers. Decision making is fragmented, and time to market is much longer than expected. Excessive costs are eating away at profit margins. You begin to wonder: "Have I put the wrong people in critical jobs?" But the problems are more widespread than that - in fact, they're systemic across the organization.




are also the resources whose performance the manager is held accountable for. Executives must adjust the span of control for each key position and unit on the basis of how the company delivers value to customers. Consider Wal-Mart, which has configured its entire organization to deliver low prices. Wal-Mart's strategy depends on standardization of store operations coupled with economies of scale in merchandising, marketing, and distribution. To ensure standardization, Wal-Mart sets the span of control for store managers at the "narrow" end of the scale. Although they nominally control their stores, Wal-Mart site managers have limited decision rights regarding hours of operation, merchandising displays, and pricing. By contrast, the...

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