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Destination Branding: Tracking Brand India Essay

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Synergy (Jan, 2011), Vol. IX No. I

Destination Branding: Tracking Brand India
Dr. Monica Khanna

Abstract Destination branding is amongst the most complex branding process, as the stakeholders include both the public and private organizations, local residents and the citizens staying abroad. Developing Brand India is a daunting task. Various initiatives for building brand India like the Incredible India Campaign, India Brand Equity Foundation and India Everywhere Campaign launched at the World Economic Forum at Davos 2006 have been undertaken in India. The purpose of this research paper is to find out whether these various initiatives resulted in developing a better Brand India. The research paper also tries to find out the perception of brand India among one of its important stakeholders - the Global Indians and the Non Resident Indian. Secondary data regarding the various branding initiatives has been collected and an exploratory survey with the help of a questionnaire has been conducted among the Global Indians and the Non Resident Indians with a sample size of twenty-one respondents. Sample was selected on the basis of convenient sampling. It was established on the basis of the exploratory survey with the help of a questionnaire that as compared to other countries (except Africa and Bangladesh), India compares poorly on many parameters. India is better as compared to other countries in terms of social & religious tolerance and job opportunities. The media also needs to play a very positive role in creating a vibrant brand India. For developing a destination brand, it is important to understand the underlying economic, political and social issues, as also the perceptions of the stakeholders of the destination brand. If this is not done, the destination branding exercise becomes a purely promotional exercise with not much benefits accruing to the stakeholders. This is true in today's context more than ever due to the economic, social and political...

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