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Developing Good Business Sense Essay

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Below is an essay on "Developing Good Business Sense" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

For this assignment I have chosen three different types of businesses. The first will be the company (Company A) that I currently work, which is a major department store. The second company (Company B) will be the company that I used to work, which was in municipal government. The third company (Company C) will be a fast food restaurant in the mall where I work.
    Company A is a major department store with almost 800 stores across the country. They provide different types of merchandise (from apparel to furniture) to customers. The input stage of operations and materials management would be the buyers purchasing this merchandise directly from the vendors or manufacturers.   It would also include the hiring of employees that would perform different tasks throughout the company. During the operations stage, this merchandise would come in and be stocked on the sales floor. Part of the operations stage would also be to prepare sales associates with product knowledge on the new merchandise. During the output stage, customers would be assisted in purchasing products. Merchandise would be selling, and the company would be making a profit. The output stage is an important opportunity for Company A to provide good customer service. This would allow for them to have repeat customers, and gain more new customers. The way that Company A operates is by having numerous managers who oversee the different types of employees (sales support, etc.). The store manager oversees two assistant store managers. Those assistant store managers in turn oversee the sales and support managers. Sales managers oversee sales associates, and support managers oversee the support staff. This is done so that the managers can be more productive, and effective. Each department also has its own sales manager. This is so that the company can increase sales, as well as to have managers that have just one area to focus on. Company B is a local municipality that I used to work for (in the Animal Control...

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