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Developing Information Systems Essay

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As the business world evolves and becomes a global market, and the management of organisations become more dynamic and complex, there is a critical need for organisations to develop and implement ‘Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT) strategies’ to gain competitive advantage, in order to survive. “IS   is the utilization of technology to gather, process, store, use and disseminate information, whilst IT facilitates the acquisition, processing, storage, delivery and sharing of information” (Ward and Peppard 2009, p 3).
“An IS/IT strategy, is a strategy possessed of an IS component and an IT component, which defines the organizations requirement or demand for information systems to support the overall strategy of the business, whilst outlining the vision of how the organization’s demand for information systems will be supported by technology” (Ward and Peppard 2009, p 44).

Benefits and impact of an IS/It strategy.
An IS/IT strategy ensures that objectives at the strategic, tactical and operations levels of the organization are integrated.   When objectives are so integrated, it ensures that IS/IT projects and the resources that are identified for those projects are ranked in accordance with the organization’s main objectives. For example, an organization’s IS/IT strategy may include upgrading hardware and software, expansion of the network and the introduction of new applications. The implementation of those items would only be done on a priority basis in accordance with business objectives. Integration also allows for thrifty expenditure, by ensuring that all technology purchased for use, are done so in accordance with the overarching business objectives.
Because today’s business world is intensely competitive, rapidly changing and highly complex, having an IS/IT strategy ensures that management is provided with consistent and accurate information for making business decisions.
The management of information, which is consistent...

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