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Deviance Essay

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What Is Deviance? |
What is Deviance? |
Joyce Davidson |
4/4/2012 Section 6954 Elements of Sociology 1101 |

What is Deviance?
The meaning of Deviance is any behavior that violates social norms, and is usually of sufficient severity to warrant disapproval from the majority of society. Deviance can be criminal or non-criminal. Groups, as we have seen constantly try to enforce conformity on their members through the use of sanctions positive and negative, formal and informal.
Conformity is human behavior which follows the established norms of a group or society. The bulk of human behavior is of a conforming nature as people accept and internalize the values of their culture or subculture.
What is Positive Deviance?
Positive Deviance is based on the observation that in every community there are certain individuals whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their counterparts, while having access to the same resources and facing similar or worse challenges. The Positive Deviance approach is a great, problem-solving, and community-driven approach that enables the community to discover these successful behaviors and strategies and develop a plan of action to promote their adoption by all concerned. In an article I have read in the New York Post (generally, "deviance" is regarded in a negative light, but there are many "positive" sides to deviance.)   For example ,I seen on news 12 that ice cream lovers in the United States have come to regard "Ben and Jerry's" ice cream as one of the best brands on the market.   But the founders of this product, Ben and Jerry, are generally regarded as "deviants" in the minds of the "established" corporate society.   This is because they ran their highly successful business in a very unusual manner, trying to create the most pleasant work environment possible.   Of course, Ben and Jerry do not consider themselves to be "deviant" at all.   According to their...

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