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Deviance Essay

  • Submitted by: worleyyyyy
  • on November 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Deviance" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When it comes to Sociology, we have learned by now that there is always more than what meets the eye. Our job as aspiring sociologists therefore, is to look past the individualistic perspective and analyze the social environment to obtain further understanding on a subject. Deviance, in the simplest of terms, means the failure to comply with standards of society and often, individuals believe this failure indicates something "wrong" with these folks. Instead however, looking at the social environment and background in which the culture norms are ignored, we may be able to better explain deviance as a whole.
William J. Chambliss, in his article, "The Saints and the Roughnecks," investigate two different groups in an average high school. One group, the "Saints," consisted of "eight boys from a stable, upper-middle-class family that engaged in school affairs and showed interest in college education" (Chambliss, 1973, 265). Society projected these men to do well in life because of their promising background. On the opposite end of the spectrum were the "Roughnecks," which in turn, consisted of "six lower-class white boys" (Chambliss, 1973, 265). And in accordance, society had far fewer expectations of these students achieving greatness. Interesting enough however, the Saints and Roughnecks committed an equal amount of deviant deeds. The middle to upper class white boys would engage in acts of "truancy, drinking, and vandalism" while the poor insubordinates in society's eyes would often perform acts of "theft, drinking, and fighting," yet the community considered the Roughnecks a burden compared to the Saints who "are polite to adults, stay out of trouble, and look to their future" (Chambliss, 1973, 265/270/269). As one may have guessed, the town rarely gave negative sanctions to the Saints. In fact, over the course of the authors research, not one Saint in 2 years received a ticket or was taken into the town's precinct," let alone even stopped by law...

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