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Diabetes Is Curable with a Leaf Essay

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Diabetes– Stevia Cultivation

The Products
The major products that the company would be producing will be:
  * Stevia Leaves
  * Dietary Supplement
  * Eateries – snacks, quick bites
The Services
The services offered by the company to get its products into the markets – domestic and international will include:
  * Provision of seeds / seedlings to the farmers (on payment basis)
  * Fertilizers, Supervision of the produce, quality control of the produce
  * Handling and Transportation Services (from the farm to the importer’s warehouse)
Market Potential
India, being labeled as the “diabetes capital” of the world, with close to 50 million people having diabetes, the Indian market is huge for sugar free products and especially when it comes to “natural” sugar free products. The number of diabetic patients is expected to increase to about 87 million by 2030. Such consumers expect what they consume to taste sweet but it should not add calories or have sugar as a component.
The growth of demand of Stevia-based products relies on the increase in number of diabetic patients, year after year and which makes this crop highly demanded in the domestic markets and also in markets overseas. Considering the current pace of the requirements of Stevia produce, it is expected to leap by 300% in the next three years. Currently, Japan is the biggest user of Stevia.
With an overall 32,000 hectares of farmland producing Stevia, China utilized 75% of the produce and the remaining 25% was used by other countries. India is also picking up pace in producing stevia crops but still has a long way to go.
Growth Potential
Stevia can become an absolute substitute of sugar. Sugar gets consumed close to 160 million worldwide, annually. Its annual value is $50 billion. According to WHO estimation, Stevia will replace 20% of the sugar market.

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