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Diagnosis Error in Contrastive Analysis

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  • on November 19, 2013
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We can see contrastive analysis in teaching and learning becomes more and more popular because it has a lot of applications nowadays. Traditional applications of CA are predicting and diagnosing a proportion of the L2 errors committed by learners with a common L1, and in design of testing instrument for such leaners. It is recognized that contrastive analysis should be used to explain difficulties. In other words, analysis contrastive should be used as part of the explanatory stage in error analysis. Both leaners and teacher must to know why they commit some certain errors in their performance. In oder to identify errors, diagnostic knowledge is very important. The two common types of error often seen by non native learners are interference phenomena and intralingual errors. Students of language   contact have to note the phenomena of “interference”,   which Weinreich defines as "those instances of deviation fromthe norms of either language which occur in the speech of bilinguals as result of their familiarity with more than one language" (1953, p. 1). It means the learners tend to use the second language structures as the structure of the first language although these language structures are more or less different from each other when being reflected by the first language. The second type of errors is due to the language being learned, independent of the native language, is called as the “intralingual errors”.
The most errors in learning a foreign language is considered to be the former-interference. First, in the grammar structure, Vietnamese learners tend to put the words in wrong order. For example, in Vietnamese grammar, the adjectives which modify the nouns always follow the nouns such as “cô gái đẹp”. However, this order between adjectives and noun is opposite in   English. That is the reason why most of Vietnamese learners create the phrase “a girl beautiful” instead of “a beautiful girl”.
Another error can be...

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