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Differences Between Genders Regarding Thinking and Behavior Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Differences between Genders Regarding Thinking and Behavior
Men and women are biologically different. The difference between men and women are observed by the study of the anatomy of the brain, interactions and the process of solving problems. Not all their differences can be seen. Also, society plays a big part in these differences, as well. Since woman and men are treated differently.
To begin with, men’s brains have a more generous portion of “white matter. White matter, which is made up of neurons, actually inhibits the spread of information (Lewis, Born to Be Different, 2011, p. 312). This allows men to focus on one thing at a time and to concentrate on one specific task. For example, my friend Bob cannot have the T.V on while listening to the radio at the same time. Women on the other hand are totally the opposite. Women have about 15 percent more “gray matter” than men (Lewis, Born to Be Different, 2011, p. 312). This allows women the ability to multi-task and process more information quickly. For example, I can have the radio on full blast while studying for an exam.
Furthermore, men and women lead very different methods of interacting with the world. Men tend to be systemizing. A systemizer is less interested in how people feel than in how things work (Lewis, Born to Be Different, 2011, p. 312). For example, sorting things or people into categories. Women are known as “empathizers” because they are constantly measuring and responding to their emotional surroundings. For instance, women like to go through all the emotions of someone else or herself. Women tend to work things out and will not stop until they find a solution to it.
Finally, men and women also differ to their response in solving a problem. Men in their mental makeup tell them to focus on an issue, solve it, and get out of the way (Lewis, Born to Be Different, 2011, p. 313). This is their way of demonstrating their power and competence. A woman on the other hand of solving a problem is...

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