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Session: Technologies for Life 1

CHI 2013: Changing Perspectives, Paris, France

‘Digital Motherhood’: How Does Technology Support New Mothers?
Lorna Gibson and Vicki L. Hanson School of Computing University of Dundee, Dundee, DD1 4HN, UK {lgibson, vlh}@computing.dundee.ac.uk +44 (0)1382 385050

New mothers can experience social exclusion, particularly during the early weeks when infants are solely dependent on their mothers. We used ethnographic methods to investigate whether technology plays a role in supporting new mothers. Our research identified two core themes: (1) the need to improve confidence as a mother; and (2) the need to be more than ‘just’ a mother. We reflect on these findings both in terms of those interested in designing applications and services for motherhood and also the wider CHI community.
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(associated with uncertainty and constant learning) [2]. These issues can contribute to parenting stress, relationship strain and in some cases to postnatal depression. Further difficulties are encountered if the infant or mother experiences health complications following the birth. In this situation, the mother can experience distress and a sense of disempowerment through the loss of the maternal role and prolonged physical separation from her infant [10]. Access to social support and interactions for new parents has been linked to better maternal health, relationship satisfaction, child development outcomes, and parent-child interactions [19]. It also increases parent confidence and reduces emotional and physical stress [2]. Research suggests that new mothers often seek support most from other new mothers with similar backgrounds [2]. Attendance at antenatal (prenatal) classes (a common precursor to birth but not mandatory) is one place where friendships and the corresponding social support can develop [25]. For those who do not attend an antenatal class, or find that they have nothing in common with those they meet at...

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