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Direct Marketing Essay

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Below is an essay on "Direct Marketing" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Chapter 1

      1.1 Origin of the study:
The reason lies behind writing of this report is to fulfil the partial requirements for the course “Marketing Management” in Masters of Business Administration.
It is very important to not only live inside the text book rather be familiar with the real world scenario. In the case of Master’s Degree its utmost important to be absolutely clear about the practical uses of the theories learned.
For this requirement assignments or reports are to be prepared by the students based on the practical events combined with theoretical framework. The main purpose of the course “Marketing Management” was to make the students familiar with the basic concepts of marketing. The Practice of Direct marketing in Bangladesh is also a very important study of this course.

      1.2 Rationale of the study:
The concept and practice of Direct Marketing is widely accepted in the western and developed countries. It’s very disappointing that even though its importance in Bangladesh this strategy is not so well practiced. Even though the situation is developing gradually due to the wind of change in recent marketing strategies. So, we must have a clear idea about what Direct Marketing is and its practices in Bangladesh.

      1.3 Objective of the study:
The main objective of the report is to get a clear picture of the practice of Direct Marketing in the telecommunication sector of Bangladesh.

      1.4 Methodology of the study:
Due to the type, time and other factors this report is mainly based on the secondary sources of information.
The sources are following,
  * Primary sources
      * Discuss with the students of the class.
      * Discuss with an expert.
  * Secondary sources:
      * Publications of the telecommunication companies.
      * Searching the promotional activities performed by this sector.
      * Articles, research paper, journals etc.

      1.5 Limitation of the study:
The following...

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