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Disability Management Essay

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Disability Management

Assignment #1
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Maisam Kadri

Disability and associated lost productivity are significant cost drivers for employers. In Canada, an average of 9.5 days per employee per year is lost due to disability. Employers typically provide benefits coverage under short-term and long-term disability as well as workers’ compensation plans. As a result, it is estimated that Canadian employers pay between $10 and $20 billion each year in disability-associated expenses. Social media sources, the internet being the most common, displays an abundant amount of information, issues, and benefits dealing with disability management. Two of the sites that are mentioned further on in this paper, talk about the importance of early on intervention and how changing trends impact the workforce.
Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission of New Brunswick (WHSCC) design a disability management program that enables employees to “return-to-work.” Each year in New Brunswick over 15,000 work-related injuries result and 500,000 work days are lost. The website recognizes a connection between how effective workplace disability management programs lead to significant reductions in both claim costs and days lost due to injury. The information cited on the website shows that intervention within a six month period of employee absence will result in a 50% chance of employee’s return to work whereas in one year’s time or more the chances of return are below 25%. They believe that in order to be successful there needs to be a solid partnership between the employer, worker, union and health care providers, all working together to cope with the impacts of a disability.
An article from Benefits Canada website discusses the increasing shift in disability claims over the past decade, due to factors that contribute and influence short-term and long-term disabilities within the workplace. With changing trends in the workplace Disability Management is...

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