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Discrimination and Slavery Essay

  • Submitted by: clairgarland
  • on November 25, 2012
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Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the topic of independence was very sensitive. Independence is when the people of a nation, country, or state, establish self-government and sovereignty in order to have a better life.   Unfortunately during this time there were many laws that existed that restricted the independence of people based on certain qualities, such as race, sex, gender and even beliefs. Selected historical documents in Reading the American Past show evidence of discrimination during the 18th and 19th century.
The most notorious cases of anti-independence laws that existed during this era were those dealing with slavery. Slavery literally took the independence away from a person and made him the physical property of another. In May of 1860, Senator Jefferson Davis gave a speech before the U.S. Senate. In this speech Davis asked for federal protection of all tangible possessions, including slaves. Rather then arguing directly for slavery, Davis argued that the constitution required the federal laws to respect and treat the southerners in the same manner as the northerners were treated. Jefferson was convinced that the blacks had to be deported to avoid whites losing control of the United States. This argument was less than a year before the division of the country and the beginning of the Civil War. With the split of the country and the rise of the Confederacy, Davis was appointed as the President of the Confederate States of America.
With the rise of the Confederacy, slavery in the South was very common. Many slaves ran away because they were physically or sexually abused. Some ran to find their family. All slaves ran in search of a better life. This resulted in masters creating runaway slave advertisements. These advertisements were placed all around towns and newspapers outside of plantations because most slaves headed north towards the free states. These advertisements usually consisted of names, physical features, and branding...

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