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Discussion Questions Essay

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Errors can occur such as transpositions in a patient’s birth year, misspellings or culturally acceptable spellings of a patient’s last name, and nicknames or default Social Security numbers (SSNs) can play havoc with successfully linking electronic records across clinical and administrative systems.  Sending the wrong health information to the point of care can create critical patient care issues and risk privacy breaches, degrading consumer trust.  A good example of this was a study done on companies in San Francisco and Tuscan called Ponemon Institutes  Survey on Data Security Breaches showed that the results of data leaks were as a result of either malicious employee activity or non-malicious employee error. They concluded that these errors are from complacency or negligence. This can also be from a lack of access to controls or to sensitive confidential data. Organizations need to be aware of the type of information that is being released in error so that they can put in place procedures to prevent the loss of any more data.

Patient health information can be at risk anywhere from simple phone calls, loud discussions of patient’s information, layout of the reception areas, and releasing information to third parties. Some ways to ensure that patient’s information is protected is by having all access to patient information away from common areas where other patients are seen. They can also design the work areas to protect any views to the computer that are used so that information is contained from the view of non-staff.  A less obvious way patient information may be released to the wrong party is by simply stuffing an envelop with a document belonging to a different patient. Although today, most information transfer is done electronically, there may be situations where an original document with signature needs to be submitted for legal reasons. This problem can be avoided by making it a point not to handle more than one patient file at a time. Such a simple...

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