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Distillation Program Essay

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Below is an essay on "Distillation Program" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I. Problem Statement:
A rectification column is fed 100kg mol/h of a mixture of 40 mol % acetone and 60 mol % styrene at 101.32 kPa abs pressure. The feed is liquid at the boiling point. The distillate is to contain 95 mol %   acetone and the bottoms 10 mol % styrene. The reflux ratio is 3.5:1. Calculate (a) the minimum number of plates needed and (b) the minimum reflux ratio. Also calculate (c) the actual number of stages present and (d) in which plate should the feed be introduced?

II. Graph:Acetone-Styrene System
Acetone-Styrene System

III. Given:
Feed Concentration: | XF = 0.40 |

Distillate Concentration: | XD = 0.95 |

Bottom Concentration: | XB = 0.10 |

Feed Condition: | q = 1 |

Reflux Ratio: | R = 3.5 |

IV. Solution:

y = 0.409245x5 - 1.525415x4 + 2.516938x3 - 2.640275x2 + 2.239497x + 0.000060
y = 0.409245x5 - 0.520808x4 + 0.507726x3 + 0.149501x2 + 0.454327x - 0.000050

y intercept= XbR+1= 0.953.5+1 = 0.2

V. Program Listing:
Header File

float acetonestyrene (float xyl, int xory)
      float ans;
      return (ans);

Source File

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "acet_styr.h"
int main ()
    double xd=0, xf=0, xb=0, xcoor [100], ycoor [100], q, ycoorf, xcoorr;
    double ycoorr, mr, mb, rmin, bmin, bact, dcoorr, ref, delm, delb;
    int j, n=0, fplate;
    printf("\n This program will solve problems on Distillation of Acetone-Styrene");
    printf("\n Enter fraction of Acetone in DISTILLATE: ");
    printf("\n Enter fraction of Acetone in...

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