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Distributed Wind Essay

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Distributed wind is a rapidly growing field; Distributed wind can be generated from either small or large turbines. Presently organizations, and related parties, in the field of distributed wind have their focus on creating wind energy in locations near in proximity to where this energy will be utilized. This method will replace the current system by which wind energy is being generated; Through the use of large centralized wind farms. The first comprehensive market report was completed in 2012. The content of the report was wind technologies in distributed applications. The report was written by the PNNL for DOE which had support from eFormative Options (an energy consulting firm), the Distributed Wind Energy Association, and the American Wind Energy Association.
The report made note of a number of findings regarding the utility of wind turbines in the United States between 2003 and 2012. More than half the total number of wind turbines installed during that period was used for distributed wind projects. In 2012 approximately one third of the wind turbines were distributed wind turbines. It was found that in 2012 the number of turbines installed decrease by almost half, however the amount of potential energy that could be produced by those new turbines was a greater than half (62%) increase. In concluding the article makes the claim that this apparent shift could be a result of a greater number of large turbines being used for projects in distributed wind.
The article brings light to an often misperceived notion that large wind projects involve long rows of turbines. It has been explained that although there is some truth to this stereotype the picture is an incomplete one. In fact the data gathered for the report indicates that a significant number of the nations turbines serve their purpose for distributed wind projects and not centralized ones. Wind turbines benefit the environment by conserving fuels which may be short in supply and it does not produce...

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