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Divorce Essay

  • Submitted by: lexytime
  • on November 17, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Do Not Judge
My whole 19 years of living my mom has been a single parent, she’s been to every audition, basketball game, volleyball tournament...sitting there cheering me on, alone - but with so much love she was louder then any other “happily” married couple.   While in my adolescent years I spitefully wished there was a “dad” sitting with her, now I curse myself for my selfishness and as Kingsolver says “I dare anybody to call this a broken home”
Every statement and matter-of-fact Kingsolver stated, I without argument shared the exact if not much similar opinion.   Barbara Kingsolver, author of Stone Soup makes it very evident that ‘the name of your household does not necessarily determine where your heart truly lives’.   Surprisingly enough Kingsolver born in mid 1950’s has the outlook of someone of my age, today in the 1st century, if the topic was presented to her childhood friends most would not be as openminded.   This is when it was unusual for a woman to stay at home with the children rather than having a full time job and bring in in half, if not more of the families income, something today that is very common.   In this day and age, as frequent as a couple is getting married, one is getting a divorce and even still to some people this annulment of a union is frowned upon, in some countries even worse then murder.   The thought of a single mom taking care and responsibility of 1 or even up to 4 children by herself bring upon thoughts of poverty, broken homes, and neglected children.  
From my personal experience, while my mother did struggle for a short period, she did not stop her steadfast effort to make our lives better, she persevered through an abusive relationship from her father, and her divorced a husband who was unfaithful.   She now has a daughter who is a 2nd year college student, makes a salary that more then fulfills her budget, but above all else is happy.   Because of societies social status some women would rather remain in an unhappy...

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