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Pollution caused by humans
Everyday many species of animals because of human causes.
The Caspanian Tiger has extinct in last 100 years because the tiger was over haunted by humans in Central Asia. Many others animals around the world are dying or endangered for many different causes.
One of the reasons why animals are dying around the world is because of clearing forests. Everyday 15 species die in the rainforest because of cutting trees and destroying the habitats of animals. For example Paradise Parrot was a colorful medium-sized parrot native to Queensland was extinct because of habitat destroying – cutting trees.
Every year cars of the world produce 4 billion 160 million metric tons of CO2 and if this continues there will be only CO2 in the world and no air. There is also: sound, water and light pollutions.
All these problems are coming from poor equipment and technology. Electric engines, long lasting batteries, fast growing trees, efficient solar batteries   would stop the pollution and save the world.     This would be possible if countries would spend at least half of the money that they spend on military. Every year the world is spending about $1800 billion for military. People would create more efficient solar batteries which would make electricity for the entire world and not use the other sources of energy like burning coal. There are more ways of reducing the pollution. There would be electric cars which would be cheaper and more efficient than petrol cars and people would buy them. There are going to be restriction of using petrol cars in big Cities and later everywhere. When people will understand that money is needed to be spent on more useful things then the world will be better and unpolluted.
The answer is to use money that spent on military on technologies and other useful thing for the planet.

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