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Does God Exsist Essay

  • Submitted by: jcolley
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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During my childhood I had attended church with all my family members for as long as I remember and I had always enjoyed going and listening to the stories about the different hero’s and the miracles done by Jesus himself, it was just all so fascinating. That is where my belief in God had started, but as I got older and I started to think for myself and see things happen before my eyes, my belief would waiver. Some days I’m not sure if I have a belief in God or not.
My reason’s for belief steam form my youth and everything that I was taught, from the reverend of the church I was attending and from the older member’s in my family always preaching about God. Plus seeing people on their death bed’s when I was growing up and then making miraculous recoveries, could only make me think that God had something to do with. It’s just that everybody has a God, it may not be the same God as mine, but it’s God and that also keeps me think that there has to be something out there. One thing that keeps me as a believer today is fear, growing up; you did anything bad you were going to end up in hell and that place where you don’t want to end up.
But there are my reasons for not believing in God, there are so many stories in the bible, flooding the whole world and almost killing everything off... could that even be possible? Is there really a place where people go after death and suffer for eternity? Those questions that I pose to myself everything I think about Gods existence.   There is also the story about the “Big Bang” theory and that we just appeared after an explosion in space, and there the 7 days and 7 nights from the bibles that has to be taken into consideration.
I also see the things God does that don’t make sense, liking taking my grandfather’s life (which is where I really started to reconsider my faith) and just when bad things happen to great people.
So at the end of the day I would have to say that I’m certain about if I believe in God or not. Some days in...

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