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Domestic Violence Essay

  • Submitted by: blondinette
  • on November 9, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Domestic Violence" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.



      It’s the desire to dominate and control your partner or other household member by using psychological, physical, sexual and/or social (environmental) pressure.


    • 7% of women and 6 % of men end up abused by their current or former partners.

    • The people that are more subject to domestic violence are :

          *People between the ages of 15-24

          *People in relationships of 3 years or less

          *People who are separate

    • In 2000, approximately 16 000 Quebecers were victims of domestic violence.

    • From 1995 to 2000, 95% of women who were victims of domestic violence were killed by their partner, ex-partner, boyfriend→ an average of 16.8 women per years in Quebec.


    • Consequences are more severe for women

    • Every 21 day, a women (in the world) is killed due to domestic violence

    • One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser

    • 6 in every 10 women who are victims of homicide were murdered by someone they knew. About half of them were murdered by a spouse or someone with whom they had been intimate.


  1) Physical violence:

          Physical violence is some physical injuries that inflicted on someone, the victim. Physical abuse can include sexual abuse, intimidation, stalking and coercion (the act of compelling by force of authority). Most of the time, this kind of violence is directed towards women, but it’s also possible for a man to be physically abused by a women.

  2) Psychological violence:

          Psychological violence, also called Emotional violence, is the most common form of domestic violence but the hardest to recognize. This type of domestic abuse doesn’t leave scars on the body, contrarily to the physical abuse. This kind of violence includes laming, denying, minimization, financial control, isolation and turning their children and/or friends against them. In many cases...

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