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Dramatic Play Kit Essay

  • Submitted by: gaby87
  • on November 3, 2010
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* What is the title of your Dramatic Play kit?


* What ages is this dramatic play kit appropriate for?

3   to 6 years old

* How many children are able to participate at one time?

Around 5 to 8 kids

* Give a detailed Explanation of this Dramatic Play kit - what are the roles? What will the children be doing?

We have about 3 different roles, Doctors, receptionist, and customer.
For Doctors we have some accessories, white jackets, first AID kit. For receptionist we have money, note books, pencils, phones. For customers we have some supplies for the pet, food, brushes and cages. (we also provide different kids of animals).

* In simple detail, describe how the teacher will set up the dramatic play kit in the classroom. Including the setting of the activity.

We will set up our Dramatic Play kit inside the classroom, pretending to create a really appropriate Veterinary store. On a table we will set up the veterinarians room we will use another table to set up the cashier with the money and the rest of the supplies.

* What are your goal/s for the children in experiencing this Dramatic Play Kit?

The goals will be, kids have fun, learn more personals and socials skills, learn some new words, get more ideas, fine motor development, critical thinking skills.

* List ways this activity supports children’s development in the following areas:

Physical: a child will practice fine motor skills when brushing and putting bandages on the toy animals. A child will also practice gross motor skills when picking up and holding the toy animals. A child will also use fine motor skills when using the veterinarian tools.

Cognitive: a child will use language skills when talking to other children during the play. A child will demonstrate problem-solving skills when treating the animals and counting the money.

Creative: a child will show creativity by choosing what materials he/she wants to use when treating the...

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