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Drugs, Society and Human Behavior Essay

  • Submitted by: sherrysher00
  • on November 18, 2013
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2. (a) The United States started out with having no laws governing the sale or use drugs. This was in the 1800s where the US implemented the laissez-faire, which allowed the seller to sell and the buyer to buy drugs. Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs were readily available to whoever wanted to buy. The government didn’t intervene in any drug trades or transactions. Over the years the government has had to intervene and by the 21st century many drugs were listed as federally controlled substances. Sellers were taking advantage of people by not disclosing the drug information. Some drugs like heroin and cocaine have a high risks of toxicity and dependence. Most drug used over time caused dependence, changing the individual’s personality in a negative way where they are unable to differentiate from what is wrong or right. This led to an increase in crime and violence due to the abuse of drugs. There was huge social concern about the negative impact on drugs in our society and the government had to get involved. Due to the rise in public attention and concern the government had to respond by increasing restriction, regulating and putting laws into place to prevent the misuse of drugs. 2. (b) The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) is a system that collects data on drug related emergency room visits from hospital emergency departments in large metropolitan areas in the United States. If someone checked into the emergency room with a drug problem each drug would be reported but it only allowed up to six drugs to be recorded. Emergency room personnel didn’t have to prove that the drug caused the visit but that there was a drug or misuse involved. This was a great way to have a basic idea of drug related incidences in those large metropolitan areas but didn’t give an account for the entire United States. The DAWN system also collected data on drug related deaths in the same metropolitan areas.

Like before this is was good for just those areas being recorded but...

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