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Dubliners Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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      James Joyce's style of writing in Dubliners is unlike any other. It is undeniable that

Joyce and his literary works have changed the element of the conventional style of

writing and given way to more experimental methods. He has left such a mark, which can

never be neglected. He gives us deep insight into human minds and how they work

under certain conditions. In Dubliners, setting plays an important role for the characters.

We get to see a complex look at the desires, thoughts, feelings, and individual

experiences of the characters. By looking closely at the following short stories, “The

Sisters,” “Eveline,” and “The Boarding House," one will understand why setting plays

such an important role for the minds of the characters.

      In "The Sisters," a young boy reflects on the looming death of his friend Father

Flynn. Knowing that the priest is terribly ill and has little time left to live, the boy makes

a habit of walking past Father Flynn's house, looking for the light by his window. "Night

after night I had passed the house and studied the lighted square of the window." The

young boy figured that if the priest was dead, he would see the reflection of the candles

on the darkened blind. "For I knew that two candles must be set at the head of the

corpse." Here Joyce gives the reader insight on the how the young boy is trying to figure

out if Father Flynn has passed away or not. Something as simple as the window lights

and candles had a much deeper meaning than one would expect.

      In "Eveline," a young girl sits at home, looking out her window and reminiscing

about her childhood. "She sat at the window watching the evening invade the avenue."

Here Eveline faces an indecisive dilemma; either remain at home keeping a promise she

made with her mother to take care of the house, or leave Dublin forever with her lover

Frank. "Her time was running out but she continued to sit by...

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