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E-Waste: The Dark Side Of Hi-Tech Essay

  • Submitted by: hmx222
  • on November 14, 2010
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Below is an essay on "E-Waste: The Dark Side Of Hi-Tech" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The picture in the front page is titled “China’s Electronic Waste Village” (Chen). In this image, a man is walking by a huge pile of colorful circuit boards. One of his hands is supporting the container, but his face is turned to the other side, and his left arm is tightly covering his nose. He is wearing casual clothes, but which seem too large for him, for he is so skinny. His steps are slow Behind him on the dirty ground are scattered circuit boards, a broom and a shovel.
It is noticeable that the image is captured from above. In this way, two main characters are highlighted. One is the Asian man, and the other is the circuit board.   The stacked circuit board in the container is likely collected from the ground and put into the container by the broom and shovel. That infers they are not new products but dumped waste. The image is captured at a good time when His feet are moving, like he is taking those junk to somewhere. However, He is covering his nose and turning his face about 90 degrees to the other side. Probably there is an unpleasant smell irritating him. Even though his face cannot be seen, his expression is most likely unhappy.
E-waste includes dumped computers, televisions, cell phones, calculators, and other electronic devices. Now it is one of the top environmental issues around the world. Every year, millions of e-waste in on its way from developed countries to some less developed countries. It not only does harm to human health, also causes bad effect on the local environment.
This is an information age when technology goes up at an incredible rate. Innovative electronic products like iphone, ipad, kindle are the stars of the technology and millions of them are consumed every day. Every period of time, technology companies develop new products and persuade people that our life will be better if we own the newest high-tech products, or it is a wise choice to replace an old device. However, when you happily play the new electronic products and...

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