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Early Roman World Christianity Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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A person’s public life and spectacle in the late Roman world can be described as vital, influential, and traditional. Public life and spectacle reflective of one another and are clearly intertwined heavily in late Roman culture. The degree of importance can be surmised from the readings of Confessions, Passion of Perpetua, Acts of Paul and Thecla, and the Life of Antony. What else can be understood from these readings is how Christianity was spread throughout the late Roman world in context with what traditions were already in place. How Christianity was able to mix and react to longstanding Roman traditions of public life and spectacle are varying based on location, time period, the emperor, and other various elements. Therefore, it can be concluded that traditional Roman culture emphasized a highly public lifestyle and spectacle, but Christianity it emphasized a different lifestyle and condoned different priorities. It is evident from the readings that the values of Christianity, from was first introduced until the time of its legalization, disagreed with traditional Romans for placing so much societal importance on public life and spectacle.  
Each of the readings referenced are from distinctive timeframes in the late Roman era. When put together each draws a line through history from the very start of Christian roots in the Roman Empire to a time when the Christian faith is on the upswing. Passion of Perpetua, Acts of Paul and Thecla, and parts of The Life of Antony take place when Christianity is emerging; there is confusion
about how to properly worship and there are persecutions of Christians. It is discernible from these sources that Roman life revolves around spectacle and their social lives. In these readings there are examples of how Christian values conflicted with public life and some of those people were punished to provide spectacle. Confessions and the last parts of Life of Antony provide insight into a time in Roman history when Christianity...

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