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Earthquakes Essay

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Earthquakes occur all over the world, including the United States.   We have seen earthquakes that have been so devastating that an entire city has totally collapsed.   There have been many fatalities, and destruction of property that have affected so many innocent people.   Earthquakes can cause other disasters like tsunamis and nuclear disasters (Japan).
The patterns that the map shows of the earthquakes within the United States are that generally the further west you go the greater the probability that you will experience an earthquake.   The only outliers of this pattern are South Carolina, and a cluster in the Mid-West.   Alaska and Hawaii have also a higher probability of have an earthquake (USGS, 2008).  
After looking at the USGS map, my location is green, since I live in Coastal New Jersey (USGS, 2008).   There are more earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean than anywhere else.   They are located more on the coastal areas, but there are some that are located within the center of the countries.   In the past seven days no earthquakes have been reported in Australia, and only one in Africa.   Earthquakes are concentrated more on the west coast of North America and the southern part of Alaska.   It seems as if there are more earthquakes occurring in the area known as The Ring of Fire (USGS, 2012).  
It was difficult to choose just one earthquake that occurred in the last week, so I decided to choose the one that occurred today (April 17, 2012) in Africa.   The one that occurred in Africa was located in Kenya.   Its magnitude was 4.6.   It occurred 6.2 miles below the surface.   I chose this one because it stood out from all the other ones that have occurred within this week.   Many of the other earthquakes all were located within clusters, and this one was singled out (USGS, 2012).  
After looking at the map, about the earthquake in Africa, there is a section where you can click on it and it says did you feel it.   After clicking on that part, it brought me to the area...

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