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Economic Anlysis Essay

  • Submitted by: Jeffmelan664
  • on November 24, 2012
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HUM 2230
Last Humanities Project
    As our grouped plotted the idea for our end of the year project, we eventually came to the conclusion that we would do re-creations of paintings we had studied in class. We chose pieces of art involved in, neo-classical, realism, and post impressionism styles. Our reconstructions resembled the paintings very significantly and also became rather unique due to our personalized scenes and outfits. A group effort made this project much more accurate because we were to have more than just our own opinion on how to re-create each painting.
    The piece that I was to re-create was The Scream by Edward Munch, this turned out to be somewhat difficult to portray due to the weather. I posed as the main feed as the two people in the background. One of my group members, Cory, copied Vincent Van Gogh’s pose in the painting Portrait with a Straw Hat. He drew a red beard on his face and wore a straw hat causing him to become somewhat similar looking to Van Gogh himself.   As for my other group member, Jordan Spina recreated Abraham Lincoln by Matthew Brandy in his own personal way. Just like Cory did, Jordan had a beard drawn on his face to resemble the painting more accurately. He also was suited up in a neat, fancy outfit resembling the same one that Abraham Lincoln was wearing in the picture. For our group’s last recreation, we decided to use a friend by the name of Nick November to pose. He proudly created his own smile and stance to the painting by James Ingres called Portrait of a Gentlemen.
    This project was very fun to do because it allowed one to express their own personal self in one of their favorite paintings. But, the project could not have been completed so well without the hard work and concentration of each group member.

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