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Economic Impct Of Daycare Vs.Au Pair Essay

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Economic Impact of Daycare vs. Au Pair

For my research paper I have chosen to look at the cost of a daycare facility versus hiring an au pair.   This topic is one that we as a family are struggling with today.   This subject is one that is being explored more and more today with the steadily rising costs of daycare.   Cost is not the only consideration being looked at when making these decisions.   Families are looking at convenience, quality of care, how to handle when a child is sick, learning strategies, social activities and of course cost when making a decision on who will care for their children.  
Another important part of the decision making process is for some families, where they live.   If you live in an inner city or a large city then you have other potential issues to consider when deciding.   For instance, if there is a safety concern where the daycare facility is located?   Is there a concern with the ratios of ethnic children versus Caucasian children?   Is there or could there be an issue with religious beliefs of those attending a daycare?
All of these need to be looked at very carefully when making a decision of this magnitude.   Most of the issues mentioned above will be discussed in one way or another in the remaining portion of this paper.   While not all of these will be addressed because it is based on our families struggle to decide how our children will be cared for, I will cover as much as is feasible.
We currently have two children in our family, one is ten, one is four and we are expecting our third child in a couple of weeks.   We as a family have utilized the same public daycare facility since our oldest child was two.   This facility has been fantastic.   They offer child care from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday.   They are only closed on major holidays and one religious holiday since the facility is owned and operated by a local church.   This facility offers child care to children up to twelve years of age.   The children are broken...

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