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Economic Torts Essay

  • Submitted by: varunyadav02
  • on November 18, 2013
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Protection of economic interests by tort laws

                                                              Varun Yadav                              

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Tort of Conspiracy 5
Tort of Conspiracy v. Criminal Conspiracy 7
The Two Types of Conspiracy 7
“Unlawful object conspiracy” 7
“Unlawful means conspiracy” 7
Chapter 1: History of Tort of Conspiracy in English Law 9
Chapter 2: India and Tort to Conspiracy 11
Conclusion 15
Inducement of Breach of Contract 16
Passing Off: 21
Chapter 2: Analysis of Cases 24
Conclusion 27
Disparagement 28
Need for Protection of Economic Interest 28
Evolution of Disparagement 29
Indian Context : Analysis of Reckitt Benkciser  (India) Limited v Hindustan Unilever Limited 31
Bibliography 35


Economic torts , which are also known as the business torts are the wrongs in which liability arises out of business activities causing unwarranted interference in business transactions and involving economic loss. Fair and legitimate Economical transactions are essential for the financial development of society and therefore it becomes pertinent to safeguard the interests of the parties who enter into contracts with legal backing. For instance, if there are no stringent laws to punish for inducement of breach to contract, people will be apprehensive about forging contractual relations and this will be a setback for the economic progress of that particular society. Since many years, there have been a wide number of debates and litigations which are concerned with the extent of liability which can arise for negligent conduct causing economic loss. Many people believe that the primary functions of tort law are to compensate for death and personal injuries and have no substantial role to play in protection of economic interests. This research project aims to analyse those wrongs under tort laws which are instrumental for protection of economic...

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