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Education Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Education" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

ASSIGNMENT 1: Write a critical review of the article.
The article speaks about the fears that many teachers have about teaching Business English and the Myths associated to teaching Business English. A lot of teachers believe that they have not got sufficient Business skills to be able to teach Business English. The authors’ main argument is that most people do have the ability to teach Business English but do not realize it. I am sure that it is true for quite a lot of teachers the very word “Business” does ward them off. As the author states one of the definitions of business is “Buying and selling” and the majority of people worldwide do have experiences with trading be it in the supermarket or on the internet. So yes it is correct to say their “ignorance of business” is unfounded. In the article you are asked to consider some questions related to a product. I do believe that if a person taught that they could not teach Business English as “I don´t know anything about business” they would most probably change their opinion after doing that exercise.
However I do feel that it should be mentioned that some people choose not to teach Business English as they prefer dealing with children and are more comfortable with “Danny the Dragon” story telling. Some teachers would rather not have the extra stress and pressure of teaching Business English. When teaching Business English your students expect a high professional standard. They will also have high expectations of themselves and the teacher. Generally you will find that the students will have a higher level education. They may also prefer to have an intensive course.
It is true to say that some of the vocabulary that we use to teach children can be adjusted to teach Business English too. In the article the example giving is “How much does it cost?” which can be put directly into a Business English class. The author of this article holds a valid point when he states “Perhaps then it is true that the chasm between...

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