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Education Essay

  • Submitted by: musikcbabe
  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Education" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Point of view: Education has never been truly treasured and appreciated as much as it really should. In the perspective of many young students, they take their education for granted. There are many children who would give anything and everything for some education. We are fortunate in America. If it wasn’t for teachers, we would be lost with no guidance. There are some things that parents can’t assist us on like teachers do. Teachers can find motivations for students to continue on. They may assist them beyond just class hours. It is good to have students comfortable with their teachers, or they wouldn’t be able to strive as much as they want to. Education was always stressed to me because my mom would use herself as an example of why I need it. As she stresses me that, I stress to her just because I go to college doesn’t mean I’m going to be successful or be where I want to be. Many college graduates still are unemployed or working minimum wage. There are a certain percentage of people whom did not go to college, but was more successful than ever. Their success may be caused by an invention/company, joining military force, music/dance/acting industry, and others. I say the most you need is graduating high school, then it all depends on the person of what their goal is. Whether they have a dream of being on stages/TVs, being wealthy, or fighting for their country, everyone’s path is going to be different. Some paths such as being a doctor will require many years in college, yet being a dancer wouldn’t. It shouldn’t be judged if they didn’t go to college, but more of where they stand to their path of their own desire. For example, I would rather date a person who’s chasing after their dreams compared to someone who’s undecided in college.
Categorizing: The value of education to society and its role in society
Sequencing: There are assorted courses that must be taken to become an expert in the education field. To become an expert in the education field, the...

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