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Education Case Study

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  • on November 19, 2013
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50% hear loss, decrease further over time.
Low vision/correction eye wear average
Intelligence but has minimal oral language.
Decodes written material slowly when reading
He has trouble generating ideas and especially organizing his ideas when writing.
He has trouble with sentence structure, spelling and vocabulary.

8th grade student currently enrolled in his second semester in a public school.
The high school Nick will be attending is a comprehensive high school where he will be in 6 periods a day in regular education in the core curriculum including Algebra, English Composition, American History, Physical Science, Art, and Physical Education
He will keep trying to listen in class as much as he can before hearing decreases.
See the board
See written material
Will be able to sound out words
Will be able to correctly write material 75%
Write down 10 words in his vocabulary each week 50% with correct syntax
Will write and spell 3 sentences 2 out of 3 days of week
Will have a “read out loud” to hear the class
Will sit in front of class to hear teacher
Larger Font/Larger print
Voice recognition
Spell check
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