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Effects of Technology in Education Essay

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Technology Effects in Education
Mirwais Shaharyar

Technological advances in education have been many over the last 30 years. As we try to look back just 20 years ago, computers and technology were not common place inside the classroom let alone in the household. Today’s students and children are considered “digital fellows”.   According to Wikipedia,org, digital fellows are described as having grown up with digital technology such as the internet, computers, cell phones and increased student’s awareness of technology and also broadened their horizons about the world economy. Students today use cell phones that can do almost anything imaginable such as, download information off the internet, getting real time updates on their bank accounts, watch TV Online or even make/edit a movie. Today technology reaches well beyond the classroom to serve the needs of learners with MP3 players.   Having a computer in every household as well as every school has exponentially inabilities, rural grail or being home schooled have more options open to them to learn and research. Through internet connection students and teachers have a portal and connection to every part of the world. The computers unique ability to offer lessons in different multimedia formats, and to provide a means for real time teacher/student dialogue and exchange already enriches online instruction.

Academic performance is one of the traditional standards used to measure success or lack of success in our education system. Since the passage of No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 all schools and colleges are required to close the achievement gap and make sure all students, including those that are damaged, achieve academic proficiency (Education, 2004). In order for classrooms to achieve or be successful technology must be in place to ameliorate academics. Computer simulations and Instructional Learning Systems (ILS) are effective only when they are integrated into the “ILS” (Wikipedia.org).   Taking it one step...

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